2016 March @ 25 ~9:45p

Obi Wan Codenobi and The Wookie will perform at Source 2016 (Supercollider 20th Anniversary) in NYC. NYU, 35 W4th, #303.

2015 October 18 @ 21:00

Obi-Wan Codenobi will be performing at the GENERATE! festival at Shedhalle in Tübingen, Germany.

2015 December

Obi Wan Codenobi and The Wookie receive Gold Level recognition for Sarlacc from the 7th Annual Pixie Awards.

2015 December 11 @ 8:30

Obi-Wan Codenobi and The Wookie will be performing in Beast Code as part of Refest Hybrid Performance & New Media Festival at Culture Hub.   Tickets Required

2015 November 20

Obi Wan Codenobi will performed in Algorave 0x00 at The Tech Valley Center of Gravity in Troy, NY.

2015 June 24 @ 7:30pm

Obi Wan Codenobi  will perform Sarlacc at The Art School with ACM Creativity + Cognition.

2015 July 15

Obi Wan Codenobi performed with Calum Gunn, Renick Bell, Shelly Knotts and Chris Kiefer at Wharf Chambers during Leeds Algarve #3 in Leeds, UK.

2015 August 14 @ 10pm

Obi Wan Codenobi and The Wookie will perform Sarlacc at the Fortune Sound Club with the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) in Vancouver, CA.

2015 May 1 @ 8pm

Codenobi and Wookie will perform Sarlacc at Gamefest 2015 at EMPAC, RPI, Troy, NY.

2015 February 27 @ 7pm

For the conclusion of their residency, Codenobi and Wookie will perform Kessel Run and Sarlacc at the Culture Hub in New York City.

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