2017 Dec

Codenobi and Wookie performed EV9D9 at the 3rd International Conference of Live Coding in Morelia, México.

2017 Oct 25

Codenobi and Wookie will demo live coding audio and visuals in a telematic and multi-language-programming IDE for Art_X Music, Sound, and Mathematics

2017 Oct 20-22

Codenobi and Wookie will perform and give a live coding workshop at the Generate Festival in Tübingen, Germany.

2017 June 24 @ 1p

Shawn Lawson and Ryan Ross Smith will virtually perform EV9D9 at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF), Concert 16, Abrons Art Center, Playhouse.

2017 March 17 @ 3a GMT

Obi Wan Codenobi and The Wookie will perform in We Are Five 24 hour Algorave streaming event. Live Stream 3am GMT == 11pm EDT (New York) March 16th

2017 March 3 @ 8p

Obi Wan Codenobi and Ryan Ross Smith will perform new work at the Center for New Music in San Francisco, CA.

2016 October 7 @ 5p

Obi Wan Codenobi and Ryan Ross Smith will perform in the Reamer Auditorium at Union College in Schenectady, NY.

2016 September 14

Obi Wan Codenobi performed with Eric Miller and Ezra Teboul at the Tech Valley Center of Gravity Algorave, Troy, NY.

2016 August 26

Obi Wan Codenobi and Ryan Ross Smith exhibited | | | | | | | in Over the Verrazano at Pecks Arcade in Troy, NY.

2016 August 11 @ 5p-9p

Obi Wan Codenobi and Ryan Ross Smith will perform at The Crossroads: An Underground Experimental Pop-up Arts Exhibition in Albany NY

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